The Chinese Government and the Chinese Gold Industry recognise the importance of efficient and economic exploitation of China’s substantial refractory gold resources.

As a consequence, the Chinese Government issued new gold industry guidelines in early 2017, all of which are satisfied by the Albion Process.

  • New age technology innovation – The Albion Process is an innovative and commercially proven technology for the extraction of extremely complex refractory gold.
  • The Albion Process incorporates international industry leading equipment, process controls and automation.
  • The Albion Process ensures world leading production efficiency, to aid process economics, and maximise the utilisation of available Chinese refractory gold resources.

The Albion Process satisfies the most stringent Chinese National, plus International Environmental Standards.The Albion Process is a new generation process that successfully processes refractory gold resources at high efficiency, and low costs relative to other process options and has significant opportunities within China’s refractory gold resources, including the processing of Carlin, Orogenic, Epithermal, and Skarn type deposits.

Development Strategy

PanTerra Gold Technologies Pty Ltd holds the exclusive rights for the period between 2017-2027, for the application of the Albion Process within 11 Chinese Provinces that are known to host refractory gold resources.

PanTerra Gold Technologies’ objective is to develop the first Albion Process plant within the Chinese gold industry with a facility capable of processing a minimum of 70,000 tonnes per annum of refractory gold concentrate of around 40g/t Au.

The intention is to develop the plant as part of a Joint Venture collaboration with a Chinese gold mining company, which has an established mine producing refractory concentrate.

It is proposed that the Joint Venture would develop and operate the process plant and purchase concentrate from the mining company on the basis a negotiated percentage of the value of contained gold.

Current focus is on an identified opportunity with a major Chinese gold miner in Qinghai Province.