The Company

PanTerra Gold Limited, based in Sydney Australia, is an emerging gold producer focussed on the development of gold and silver properties in North America and Latin America hosting refractory ore which requires oxidation prior to metal recovery through standard cyanide-in-leach ("CIL") processing.


Current activities are concentrated on the optimisation of the Albion/CIL process plant at the Company's Las Lagunas tailings retreatment project ("Las Lagunas Project") in the Dominican Republic, which had its first gold pour in July 2012. The Las Lagunas project involves recovery of gold and silver from high grade refractory tailings from the Pueblo Viejo mine.


Based on pilot plant test work and performance to date, production in 2014 has been budgeted at 45,000oz Au and 372,000oz Ag, with production in 2015 to increase by around 30%.


PanTerra Gold utilises Xstrata Technology's patented Albion oxidation process which renders toxic sulphur and arsenic contained in the refractory ore, inert and non-soluble, thereby eliminating the possibility of acid mine drainage and damage to the environment.


In addition to the Las Lagunas project, PanTerra Gold has an interest in three exploration concessions in the Dominican Republic totalling 25,000ha, prospective for gold, silver and copper, with an exploration program to be initiated in 2014.


The 7150ha La Paciencia concession, which is along strike and underlain by the same geology as Barrick's 25 million oz Pueblo Viejo refractory gold deposit, is also likely to host refractory ore, and future exploration will be aimed at producing feed for the Las Lagunas process plant to extend its operational life.


Development of mines on any of PanTerra Gold's prospective Dominican exploration areas, other than La Paciencia, would probably result in the production of a copper/gold/silver concentrate, and would not utilise the Albion oxidation process.


Cash flow from the Las Lagunas project should provide funding for the exploration and development of mining prospects in the Dominican Republic, and evaluation of other mining targets in North America and Latin America. The Company expects to grow through a combination of new developments, acquisitions, and mergers.


PanTerra Gold has an experienced management team in place, led by its Executive Chairman, Brian Johnson, the founder and former Managing Director of Mount Gibson Iron Limited and Portman Mining Limited, and Chairman of Nevada Goldfields Inc., and East Africa Gold Mines Limited.